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Tracking Protection

When you protect yourself from third-party tracking, you're helping to:

You can help advertisers spend less on the annoying ads that follow you around the web, and more on helping to pay for the web sites you use.

Disconnect for Apple Safari

Disconnect protects the Safari browser on Apple computers and devices from third-party tracking.

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Tracking Protection is built into Firefox, but you need to change a setting in Preferences to turn it on.

Turn on Tracking Protection

Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger, a project of the non-profit Electronic Frontier Foundation, is a tracking protection extension for Firefox and Google Chrome. Privacy Badger only blocks trackers that it detects following you across multiple sites, so you will probably see a few ads following you until your Privacy badger is trained.

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Microsoft Internet Explorer

Tracking Protection is built in to Microsoft Internet Explorer, but you need to subscribe to a Tracking Protection List to protect yourself.

Subscribe to the EasyPrivacy Tracking Protection List.

You can manage your tracking protection lists from the Safety item in the gear menu at the upper right of your browser window.

Note for ad blocker users

Most ad blockers—even the ones that make misleading privacy claims—do not provide tracking protection by default. For example, Adblock Plus actually collects money from tracking companies to allow tracking, even when the user has turned on a privacy feature.

You will need to install a tracking protection tool as well. All of the recommended options on this page can be installed without removing your ad blocker.

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