tracking protection for sites and brands

Aloodo is the un-tracker designed to be blocked by all the popular Web privacy tools. You can use it to help your users learn if they are still vulnerable to third-party tracking, and start to do something about it.

How it works

It starts with one script that attempts to load a tracking iframe.

<script src=""></script>

Is the browser vulnerable to third-party tracking? Check it in a few lines of JavaScript.

if(typeof aloodo === 'object') {

The onLoad callback is called when a fake tracker iframe loads, and onDetected is called when tracking is confirmed. In the above example, Aloodo will call your functions trackerDetected and trackingConfirmed.

What can sites do with it?

The un-tracking pixel

The un-tracking pixel attempts to set a third-party tracking cookie. Use it on sites where you prefer not to run third-party JavaScript.

It will prime the browser with a tracking cookie, so that tracking will be detected more quickly on a site that does have the script.

(If you have a main site where you want to show warnings or do other actions, you can put the pixel on your other sites. For example, some blogs will let you use a third-party image but not a third-party script.)

Include the un-tracking pixel with

<img src=""

Substitute your site's hostname for

If you set up the pixel URL correctly, Aloodo will serve the pixel with a long expiration time, so that the browser won't re-load it from every page on your site. (This helps minimize the amount of data that we can collect, and the load on our servers.)

You can use developer tools in your browser to check that an Expires: header is being set for the image. If you do not see Expires: and the browser is re-loading the image on each page view, check that the hostname in the image URL matches the hostname part of the URL in the Referer header.

(Please contact us if you would like to start receiving reports based on aggregated usage of the un-tracking pixel on your site. We delete logs frequently, so we we are not set up to do reports from old data.)

The tracking protection test

Find out if this browser is vulnerable.

Run tracking protection test

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