Tracking Protection

When you protect yourself from third-party tracking, you're helping to:

  • Protect yourself from malware that spreads through ad networks.
  • Protect your favorite web sites from data leakage and advertising fraud.
  • Protect brands from accidentally supporting illegal sites.

You can help advertisers spend less on the annoying ads that follow you around the web, and more on helping to pay for the web sites you use.

A simple tracking protection test can help you find out if your browser is vulnerable.

Apple Safari

Disconnect protects Safari from third-party tracking.

Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger, a project of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, is a tracking protection extension for Firefox and Google Chrome. Privacy Badger only blocks trackers that it detects following you across multiple sites.


Mozilla Firefox tracking protection is present and working, but hidden. You can turn it on by installing the Tracking Protection experiment in Firefox Test Pilot.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Tracking Protection is built in to Microsoft Internet Explorer, but you need to subscribe to a Tracking Protection List to protect yourself. Subscribe to the EasyPrivacy Tracking Protection List. You can manage your tracking protection lists from the Safety item in the gear menu at the upper right of your browser window.

Note for Adblock Plus users

Adblock Plus does not protect you from tracking in its default configuration. You will need to install a tracking protection tool as well. All of the recommended options on this page can be installed without removing Adblock Plus.

If Adblock Plus with the default settings is your only protection, your browser will fail the tracking protection test.

Show options for other browsers

Add a tracking protection warning to your own site

Visit our Howto to alert your users, set up bonus pages for tracking-protected users, and more.

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