One solution for ad blocking and ad fraud

Trying to fight ad blocking alone creates incentives for fraud.
Attacking fraud can provoke increased ad blocking.
Leave the fraud-prone, forgettable race to the bottom behind—with a tracking protection solution.

For sites

Conventional web advertising can lower the value of a site audience, by leaking user data. And data leaks provoke users to run ad blockers to stop ads following them around.

With Aloodo, you can fix the data leak where it starts. Give your valuable users an easy, secure alternative to ad blockers while safely working with all of your existing technology partners.

For brands

High-volume, low-value web advertising is a breeding ground for fraud, which can steal half your ad budget. And it's hard to build a brand when your ad appears among fraudulent, deceptive ones.

Aloodo makes fraudulent impressions simply vanish for your customers, saving you money and protecting customers from low-reputation ads. So your brand can finally stand out online.

How it works

Without tracking protection, display advertising on the web has all the branding power of email spam with all the impact of windshield flyers on a rainy day.

Aloodo provides a flexible set of tools to inform, nudge and reward web users to improve their advertising experience. We build on advances in tracking protection, now available for all popular browsers and platforms. Aloodo works seamlessly with your existing content, technologies, and partners.

A compelling alternative to ad blocking

Ad blockers are a crude solution to a real problem. With Aloodo, you can give users an alternative that protects them from malware-carrying, spam-like targeted ads while leaving high-value brand-building ads intact.

Beat fraud at the source

When user data is under control upstream, it can't leak out downstream. A simple concept, and Aloodo implements it in a user-friendly way. Work with the best in-browser technologies to starve fraud networks of the data that enables them.

Getting started

It's easy to work with an Aloodo member to build the tracking protection solution that's right for your business—whether it's a simple alert or a large-scale technology enablement campaign.

Or enroll in Aloodo training, online or in person. Our technology uses browser-side JavaScript and HTML5, and your back-end systems of choice. Here's how to get started.

Open Source

Web developers, check out the Aloodo Project on GitHub.

Print advertising is consistently more valuable than web, per user minute. Why? Because print is optimized for brand building, and conventional web ads are optimized for direct response. Tracking protection can give web ads new power, and Aloodo helps you be part of it.

⚠ This browser is vulnerable to third-party tracking. Please enable or install tracking protection.